Clam anus function

In scallops, eggs and sperm from the gonads are extruded through ducts into the lumen of the kidney and then into the mantle chamber. The umbo or hinge area, where the valves are joined together, is the dorsal part of the animal Figure 6. In this view, the uppermost gill lamellae have been removed to reveal the foot and other adjacent tissues. The highly mobile trochophore larvae allows these sedentary animals to disperse themselves widely. Annelids have a closed circulatory system; the blood is entirely contained in vessels. Watch how they use their foot to glide along the glass.
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What is an Excretory System?

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clam dissection: internal anatomy: parts & functions

Segmentation is a significant evolutionary step, and evolved independently in both annelids and chordates. Deuterostomes are enterocoels , their coelom forms as out-pockets along the gut. Many polychaetes, however, are filter feeders, living in burrows sunken into the soft sediments of the ocean floor. It has a sensory function and can initiate closure of the valves in response to unfavourable environmental conditions. They are not fish, although many of them live in the water. The muscle s close the valves and act in opposition to the ligament and resilium, which spring the valves open when the muscles relax. Some species are short lived but others may live to over years.
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clam dissection: internal anatomy: parts & functions Essay | Medicine and Health Articles

Not all of them have shells. Annelids have no lungs, although many species have simple gills. The head is comprised of two sections, the prostomium and the peristomium. The protostome coelom forms from a split within the mesoderm tissue, so they are sometimes refereed to as schizocoels. It has a muscular foot that it uses for movement. Once our food has been chewed by our mouth using an enzyme called Amylase to break it down , going through our esophagus and ending up in our stomach where it is further digested in acid. Olsen and Olsen, Fredensborg, Denmark:
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Careful removal of one of the shell valves reveals the soft parts of the animals. Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed. Can you see the siphons at work? It is not the intention here to give a detailed description of bivalve biology but to provide a brief resume of information pertinent to operations of a hatchery. Some mollusks are intermediate hosts of human parasites. Synopsis of infectious diseases and parasites of commercially exploited shellfish.
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