Transsexual yeshiva professor

What a load of garbage, a yeshiva that calls itself a yeshiva should be forced to act like a yeshiva. Richard Joel, president of the university, has declined to comment specifically about Ladin but did say, "I'm proud of my university and all my faculty. The University of Arizona is working on developing a graduate certificate program in transgender studies and hopes to expand it into a degree program in the coming years. And do you seriously think that any man would get breast implants on purpose or live his life outside the house as a woman on purpose? If Judaism meant such contrary things to Ladin, what use was it?

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Transition leads to Joy

I guess knowing that makes it even freakier. Any other birth defect we as a society would try to fix, so why should this be any different! Not long ago, there was that it from the opposite direction who had kept her female plumbing and gave birth to a baby. Phil September 11, , You want to kick everyone out who violates Shabbos, or eats traif, or who wears shatnez?

Yeshiva University Transgender Professor Controversey

It seems that Otteson irritated some Yeshiva faculty members who believed he had failed adequately to seek their counsel—or to heed it when he did seek it. Anyway, if we were going to throw out everyone who committed an aveirah, there'd be no one left there. His opinion did not deal with a person who had had a complete casteration and removal of male the male organ. Instead, YU President says he is proud of him! You want to kick everyone out who violates Shabbos, or eats traif, or who wears shatnez? The Torah offers a few examples, such as one who was born with the mazel of dam-blood should become a shochet or mohel rather than just say I can't help it I was born this way, it is in my biological makeup, I have to be true to myself and kill people! Worse than YU ambivalence over this is the response of the quoted students, "oh this is so great.
Yet precisely because of those bitter paradoxes, the Fast of the First-Born felt true to me. Both books illustrate a deeper point. The days when violent discourse — and violence — were most popular on the Left are decades behind us, while the Right seems to be constantly ratcheting up the level of verbal violence. It clearly states that no man or male animal should ever be castrated. Whichever way you think, it is a tragedy for everyone. He knew he was going to create a stir.

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