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I admire this guy and like his circle of friends. We have similar interests and incomes. There is one problem, though.

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It reminded me about the taste and feel of raw oysters, only a little more watery. I guess it turns them on. Sometimes very bitter, others are sweeter tasting.

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This may come lol as a surprise to many of you, but it turns out that drinking lots of alcohol, smoking a boatload of cigarettes, doing copious amounts of drugs and downing cup after cup of coffee is actually bad for your cum. It makes it bitter and gross, so if you want your sex person to swallow, lay off these things for a week or so. Or like forever.

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Unfortunately, science hasn't cracked that code quite yet. We know, kind of crazy that inwhen we can hurtle across the world in airborne tin cans and send electronic messages in seconds, there's still no groundbreaking way to freshen up his spunk. With that said, there are still a few things you can try. When it comes down to it, Cadell says the better your dude eats, the better his emissions will taste.

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Little did I know, the choice to consume his seed after eating such a meal would be a killer on my taste buds. And while there are also a number of vegetables i. With every hero comes a diabolically bitter villain, and in semen's case, that's cruciferous vegetables.

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Illustrations by Heather Benjamin. All illustrations by Heather Benjamin. It was true; I kissed her and my semen tasted like fruit juice.

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Thank all of the chemical compounds. What you consume on a daily basis — from certain foods to other substances — can change the compound composition, which will have a subtle effect on the flavor of your semen. That also means the taste can vary from person to person, so although semen is generally warm and salty, there will be unique differences in flavor.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex.

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Blowjobs are fantastic — you don't need a study to tell you that. They get taken to another level when you reach the grand finale and she swallows. But not all women are into it, a big reason being the taste.

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Why do some guys have semen that tastes better than others? Like beer, wine, and sushi, semen can be an acquired taste. And the taste of semen varies from producer to producer.


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