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Vintage Omega Watches For You. The Best Automatic Watches. Breitling SA Chronometer Company has truly been a pillar of precision, and even success to many.

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Everyone knows the Breitling Navitimer. Like, literally everyone. Launched inthis legendary watch — designed specifically for pilots — has seen many, many variations over the years.

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A favorite of pilots and adventurers worldwide, Breitling is renowned for their ultimately precise chronometers. That aviation is their inspiration is apparent in their design: Breitling watches typically have a large face for better visibility and to display valuable data in the analog dials. Breitling was founded in by Leon Breitling.

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Post pictures or links here for replica Modern Breitling watch identification by the users! Vintage watches should be posted in the vintage section. Mainsprings, and balance wheels and escapments and all sorts of complicated doo-hickey discussion!

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Breitling is a brand that we recently featured as one of our top buys for collectors in our Vintage Market Update — The Chronographs. When I published the article, though, I stepped back and realized that while I did the brand some service by surfacing the topic, an opportunity existed to give collectors a better sense of the brand. Still, how could Fratello Watches best cover the brand and begin to make some of the vintage Breitling lines more of a household name?

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A specialist in technical watchesBreitling has played a defining role in the development of the wrist chronograph. Breitling watches have also gained Hollywood stardom: in the James Bond film Thunderball, Bond is given a Breitling Top Time watch with a geiger counter by Q, which enables Bond to track down two stolen nuclear warheads. Designed to withstand intensive use in the most trying conditions, below is a brief outline of the top characteristics defining and distinguishing a vintage Breitling watch.

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Lost password? View: 12 24 ALL. Breitling Replica Watches: Defined By Excellence The Breitling replica watches in our collection represent some of the finest luxury items on the market.

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One of the most celebrated brands in watchmaking history is also also partly responsible for one of its most important innovations: the self-winding chronograph. Here we examine its history and pick the watches that make Breitling a year-old success story. But rather than automobiles or architecture, Breitling's contribution was the development of the chronograph and, in particular, timekeepers suitable for aviation — a valuable position it holds today. Breitling had founded his business in in Saint-Imier, before relocating to La Chaux de-Fonds, a purpose-built enclave of watchmaking in the Jura mountains.

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Last year Breitling, led by CEO Georges Kernreleased a number of new watches and series in its effort to refocus and hone the image of the brand. Among them were the Navitimer 8 collection, a refreshed Navitimer 1 collection, a new chronograph design within the Superocean Heritage series, and a revived Premier collection. Together, these changes are meant to help the brand better walk the line between its two primary consumers: those attracted to the masculine and technology-driven aspects of Breitling watches, and those with a more collector-minded interest in the distinctive, rich history of Breitling and its vintage designs.

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Breitling watches are valued worldwide for their quality, their performance, and their design. The mechanical feat of a Breitling watch is complemented by an unmistakable aesthetic code. Each and every Breitling watch makes a bold design statement, highlighting Breitling innovative spirit since its founding in