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LGBT themes in Hindu Epics involve Hindu deities or heroes whose attributes or behavior can be interpreted as lesbiangaybisexual or transgender LGBTor as having elements of gender variance and non-heterosexual sexuality. Traditional Hindu literary sources do not speak of homosexuality directly, [1] but changes of sex, homoerotic encounters, and intersex or third gender characters are often found both in traditional religious narratives such as the VedasMahabharataRamayana and Puranas as well as in regional folklore. Hindu epic has many examples of deities changing gender, manifesting as different genders at different times, or combining to form androgynous or hermaphroditic beings.

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Let me tell you one story, one of the very daring and courageous stories. Such a courageous story is possible only in India. In fact you will never find a statue of him.

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No remarks related to religion should be made. Target the man, not the religion. Share and Like.

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Just think over! It is universal acceptance that God is Father of all fathers. How could daughters and sons worship penis of that Father.

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We know that massages are a very pleasant and enjoyable experiencebut they not only help us to relax and improve our physical health, but they can also support us in our affections and sexual life. It is well known that getting a massage is very pleasant, especially if we are going through a stressful time. They relax usthey make us feel uneasy, they even make us feel lighter.

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Brahma said: O sage, while going round the fire, the feet of Sati protruded out of the cloth that covered them. I looked at them. The more I stared at the beautiful limbs of Sati eagerly the more I became thrilled like a love-afflicted man.

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Tantra yoga uses the same three vehicles to rise up. In tantra, it is not that someone is using just sexual act or some form of twisted genital massages to grow. Unfortunately, there may be people who are attracted to such a path for the very wrong reasons.

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Hinduism is not a static religion. It has evolved with history. In its earlier form, it was known as the Vedic religion, a religion of a pastoral people, commonly identified as the Aryans.

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In the beginning was the One. The One was all and everything, and for eons it reveled in being One, millennia of magnificent unitary bliss. Over the course of unimaginable time, however, the One grew bored.


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