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How in heavens name do we ever find out the truth about anything. I spoke to my brother who was on the scene and from what he told me it is similar to what John said. Apparently not, as he fled the scene in panic and fear or blatant irresponsibility or both , ignoring the dying Cliff Micallef at the side of the street. Some people claim they even drive better after a few glasses, which is ridiculous. I try to live by the golden rule; he who has the gold rules!

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

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What is more important is to discuss the issues facing our society. Oh, but not to be overlooked is how these floods of Third World workforce also increases the economic desperation which distracts from other than paycheck to paycheck survival. Alcohol and and driving kills — get it!! And sadly, the crazies have muddied the water for real journalists to do any follow-up on the gaming of the precious metal markets. Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity have the same agendas.

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An inquiry is underway — let the court establish any criminal and perhaps civil co responsibility, if any. I never mentioned being there, so I was mistaken. It is all pretty ad hoc and seat-of-the-pants. He is a relapser first and foremost so the fact that his driving licence had already been revoked did not stop him from getting DRUNK and behind the wheel, driving at excessive speed. The current period of increasing temperatures will almost certainly cause severe and acute effects within another years, and probably much sooner.
Aimlow Joe was here http: I myself was nearly killed at 19 in a car crash. It can be counterfeited more easily than paper money. It is quite possible to have an accident and wish to hide the evidence, run away from it, or escape prosecution. Your children are still at school. Cinema's don't even use the intermission system abroad — we've been gifted with a whole twenty-minute pee-and-poop break.

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